Dada, a swiss wine label.

A swiss wine WHAT ?

We promote Swiss Wines!

Swiss wines have never been so good yet they remain quite unknown and/or underrated. We've decided to change this!


1. We create.

To promote our great terroir and the fabulous work of our winemakers, we've decided to create our own "label". Like in the music industry, we gather our kind of "artists" and co-produce limited cuvées with them. Why ? To give you another perspective on swiss wine.

Just for you to know, all the winemakers we collaborate with work in sustainable, organic or biodynamic agriculture.


2. We sell. 

Once the wines are bottled, we sell them on our website and we look for partners all over Switzerland (retailers, restaurants, etc.). These wines, with impactful names and designs, aim to guide you through this wine jungle and highlight the other wines of our members.
Don't waste your time looking for Pinot Noir from Burgundy in our shelves, they are gone!


3. We have fun.

Probably the most important. Wine does not have to be so serious. We like the idea of making great things, with great people and keeping it cool. Plus, we want to show swiss wines can be highly creative too! Cheers.